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I created digital speech therapy materials to help reduce my caseload within the schools and in my private practice. As much as I love the field of speech language pathology, I want to be spending my free time outdoors with my family, not cutting and laminating materials for therapy the next week. The materials I created allow you to be efficient with your time and the child’s time. I believe strongly in the use of evidence based therapy techniques and materials.  Research is linked to each of the materials available through this website.


Inspired by recent research presented at the ASHA convention, this is a new way to look at speech articulation and motor learning.  This digital series of speech therapy materials are designed to focus on a variety of vowel and phoneme combinations as well as materials to facilitate the carryover and generalization of these skills.  Articulation product design is visually simple to allow the child to focus on motor learning.  My speech therapy materials are appropriate for preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school age students.  Focus on motor learning and new pathways for speech sound acquisition with these nonsense word programs.


No-prep, digital, and evidence based speech therapy materials to target a wide variety of receptive and expressive language goals.  Designed to be visually simple to allow you to work on complex targets with a variety of ages and needs.  Also included in this section is a series of educational handouts which provide on the spot language interventions for home and school in common deficit areas which is a perfect way to support intervention (MTSS/RTI) and home practice.


Digital speech therapy materials designed to spark social curiosity and engagement to support socially meaningful interactions and friendships.  Designed to be used as a springboard to practice foundational social language skills either in 1:1 or small group settings for a variety of ages and skill levels.  Social language is such a critical yet complex combination of foundational skills required for social, educational, and vocational success. Social stories and functional core social language skill practice materials are included here. Materials have been intentionally left simple to focus on the communication and interaction.

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