Those in the educational side of the field of speech therapy have probably had to hear about this number in some sort of inservice. 1.57. John Hattie has completed a meta-analysis of the influences and effect sizes related to student achievement in schools. This study was done to answer the question of, “what works best in student achievement”. The top and most predominant was “collaborative teacher efficacy”.  Believing we can make a difference and working together.

This doesn’t just pertain to the educational field. This is just as relevant in medial and private practice settings as well. When I entered the educational world, I remember feeling so lucky to get the chance to sit down and get to meet with the child’s team at least 1 time a year for the annual Individualized Education Plan Meeting. But sometimes it feels like I am in meetings all week long. And some of those meetings are HARD!

This 1.57 serves as a reminder to zoom out beyond the screening requests, the evaluation plans, and the make up therapy sessions that I have scheduled to realize the impact of IEP meetings for the student, families, teachers, and administrators. An IEP is full of requirements of Special Education law and feels like a mountain of never-ending paperwork. But really, the IEP is just a checks and balance system for this 1.57. It is a legal document to show how and what you are doing to make a difference and work together.

This 1.57 effect size goes beyond education. Collaboration is such a powerful tool.

Pause to consult and collaborate. Look at the child as a whole.

As a firm believer in evidence-based practice, thanks to Hattie, we have our evidence for collaboration happen more often.

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