The Speech, Language, and Social Skills Library Facilitate Critical Skills

Using children’s books in speech therapy has been a game-changer. It has been my answer to effective lesson planning and managing larger mixed groups. It is such a functional and meaningful way to address the wide range of needs and goals for kids that come through my door.  So…I wrote a grant to expand the children’s books I use in my speech therapy sessions.

The Speech, Language, and Social Skills library were developed to facilitate critical skills in direct speech therapy instruction, the classroom, and at home. I have made books available to be checked out to a specific student or teacher. This carryover of materials from speech therapy sessions to other functional environments have supported skills in a variety of settings and supported independent use of articulation, language, fluency, and social/emotional skills. Books were selected to support classroom themes, seasons, and social/emotional topics. They have provided a launching pad for concept instruction, skill practice, conversation, and generalization.

The formation of the Speech, Language and Social Skills Library has helped bridge skills between the speech therapy room and the classroom/home. This is my goal, for my students to use all that they learn with me, without me.

So now, when a parent asks me for homework, I give them a book to borrow.
A teacher asks me about facilitating basic concepts, I give them a book to borrow.
A counselor asks me about social perspective-taking, I give them a book to borrow.

This resource, thanks to DonorsChoose and the people who supported my grant, has made a big difference in my sessions throughout the year.

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