Free digital speech therapy resource to target articulation, vocabulary, categorization, auditory memory, listening, and phonological awareness skills for telepractice.

While schools are closed and administrators are working diligently to provide solutions to our many “How” questions, the planner in me desperately wants a plan for our first week “back”.

This is my plan….this (free) digital resource to be used for online therapy. I created it alongside many of my students.  It is a fun, simple, interactive game.  This game is my go-to for mixed groups and my kids of all ages often ask to play this game (even when we are working face to face in my therapy room).  My plan is to send it home for home practice as well.

Here is how you play.  It is a combination of naming within a category and a “Speech-agories” type game where your answer must contain a specific target sound.  It is a digital resource for easy use in tele-practice sessions.  Each category is on one page of this product for easy digital presentation.

There is a lot of flexibility on how you can play the game, depending on your therapy target and therapy grouping.

For example:
If you were working on /r/ the rules would be that every answer must contain the /r/ sound.

  • Individual session: to name as many items with the sound in a minute.
  • Group session: go to each member of the group and they must answer with their target sound (but also fit within the category constraint) but cannot repeat another person’s answers.

This product includes 100 categories for practice. Some of the best categories are the ones that the kids created themselves.

This is a great game for awareness of goals and monitoring of productions and kids love it.

We are all in this together. As I am leaning on many of you who are making resources for this time,  I wanted to add to the collective information out there to best support other Speech Therapists at this time.  So I am placing it up on our website for FREE.  Keep me posted.  Let me know what you think!  I hope your students love it as much as mine.  Click this link or the one above and download it!  I hope this helps!

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