First, let me say, I would LOVE nothing more than to have my students in my little tiny speech room right now.

But we can’t… I have moved to Google Classroom and it is working really well right now.

Here is how my building set up Google Classrooms for kids with IEPs.

  1.  Each child has their own, confidential, google classroom to access content, strategies, video replay, worksheets, etc.
  2. The case manager sets up the classroom, then invites the classroom teacher, other collaborating teachers, as well as ST/OT/PT, etc.
  3. The stream is a summary of assignments and notes.
  4. Classwork is the actual material, videos, or assignments.
  5. Under Classwork, you can develop a topic. This is where we have each of the main service areas for the IEP. For example Reading, Math, Speech Therapy, Social, OT
  6. It is under the Classwork tab, then the Speech Therapy topic that I have a letter to each of my students outlining my office hours during the closure as well as my contact information. This is also where I post the links to the Google Meet. Therefore this one platform will work for synchronous and asynchronous instruction.
  7. Important reminder: turn off all notifications to reduce the number of emails.
  8. I am going to use this Classwork tab as a place to post asynchronous videos, assignments, strategies for home, or worksheets.
  9. It is efficient because it allows for posting content to multiple children (classrooms). So I can push out a conversation starter worksheet out to all of my kids working on social language skills where I think it would be beneficial.
  10. I send this to the student email, but for younger kids, I add the parents as well. This is helping with the follow-through of recommendations and assignments. I also send it to the classroom teacher.
  11. Bonus: I haven’t made a single copy since school has been canceled. I love it.

I will be sure to post some of the resources and activities I have been saving to Google Classroom.

Comment and let me know what you have been sending home during the school closure.

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