Kimble Speech & Language

I am a busy Speech Language Pathologist currently working in public schools as well as running my own private practice. I recently found myself drowning in paper.  My caseload within the schools is full and my private practice time is booked.  I live in the beautiful state of Montana with my husband and 2 little boys.  As much as I love the field of speech-language pathology, I want to be spending my free time outdoors with my family, not cutting out and laminating materials for therapy the next week.

Kimble Speech was developed as a way for other busy speech-language pathologists to have instant access to professionally developed digital speech therapy materials for efficient and evidenced-based therapy.

These are materials which allow you to be efficient with your time and the child’s time.  I believe strongly in the use of evidence-based therapy techniques and materials.  Research is linked to each of the materials available through this website.

These materials are intended to be used on your computer,  tablet, or phone.  I have intentionally designed materials to be visually simple and clean to allow for you and the student to focus on the complex speech and language goals at hand.  The streamlined design also allows for use with a variety of students, ages, and settings.











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