L is anything but simple! The foundation of this product is to provide a systematic and evidence-based program to facilitate /L/ through nonsense words. Why nonsense words?  The client does not have an existing motor plan for the stimulus words. It allows the clinician and the client to solely focus on the motor plan needed for new sound acquisition. In the development of this L articulation program, the stimuli were intentionally created to be simple to help focus on motor learning required for /L/ production. The foundation of this product is to provide NO PREP, INSTANT DOWNLOAD materials designed for IMMEDIATE use with your students/clients. No more printing, laminating and making materials. Who has time for that? Download to your phone, tablet, or computer for immediate access to therapy materials.  This was designed to be an articulation drill program. Providing an easy way to get over 100 repetitions in an effective and efficient manner. We all need more time! The high amount of repetition designed into this program makes it effective for a wide variety of speech sound disorders, including apraxia, phonological disorders, and other motor speech disorders. Included in this program are materials for initial /L/ acquisition and data tracking forms.

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